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  1. The Hipster's Avatar
    It was a good PPV overall. Ryback and Sin Cara should have not been on the card, I agre with you there. The Divas, as a whole, need to be repackaged, and it was nice to see the tag teams getting a push. The worst part was the crowd, tey just seemed dead. Christrian and Cody put on a great match and the fans seemed bored. This has been a problem. Cena and Show needed to be the main event so Vince could fire Big Johnny to end the show.
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    Great blog. Just one pointer out, Chris Sabin is out with a torn ACL. i was REALLY mad about it for 2 reasons: Im a huge Motor City Machine Guns fan and Alex Shelley leaving (he was my favorite) really made me upset. And Chris Sabin is one of those X Division guys that gets over looked but when it is time to perform, he will give 150%. Sucks that Alex is not in TNA and Chris is injured. Also, im hoping TNA keeps putting out shows like this because it will give the people who support both shows instead of just WWE some ammo in sticking up for TNA.
  3. Wildcat's Avatar
    They started with a match, rather than a 10 minute in-ring promo -- +1000 points! Solid matches all night; the other promos got to the point, as did the recaps... I felt that ending with a promo and not a match would just drag things down, but since it was Sting, that made it a little more appropriate and significant. And the last-minute Mystery Mob beatdown bumped it up a few more levels -- I can't wait to find out who these guys are!

  4. Sahu's Avatar
    good review....Roode making Andy tap out is teh high light of the show...
  5. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great review the show had brought some of that ppv energy with it. Great to see impact gathering steam going all the way back to Sacrifice. Hope they keep it coming and the fan in me hope wwe can pick it up again too
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @alcrissam. You're probably right. And I agree that maybe they should limit the amount they do. And they do spoil things in a way, because they sort of test out upcoming feuds.

    @akbar. Yes, this week's edition did run a little long. I wrote it over the course of two days and didn't realize at first just how long it was getting. Thanks for hanging in there with it.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    -Love the title of this blog...
    -Enjoyed reading this, you covered more points than you usually do...

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