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  1. Cross's Avatar
    I like this blog. Personally, it's not that I hate TNA, it is that it takes a lot of time to watch the wrestling I watch. I mean I watch both Raw and Smackdown (not any of those other shows) and sometimes I get tired watching them (I guess you can use that as a reason I should watch TNA). Anyways, I would always hear how TNA is terrible and whatnot but I guess I should give it more of a chance then taking peoples' words for it.

    I mean, I have viewed TNA a few times, but it was hard to get into it cause I do not know a lot of the stars on their roster. I do not know who their John Cena or 3MB is.

    I completely agree on your point with competition, though I was not around during the Monday Night Wars, I did see brand warfare between Smackdown and Raw if that justifies as counting. Anyways, I will see what happens.
  2. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Great blog and some interesting points.... I think the biggest thing TNA needs is to grow more, and more fans of wrestling at least give it a chance....
    Why hate though???
    There a song that "You can't always get what you want"... and this holds true to anything... Movies, sports, women, money, real life and Wrestling.... Yeah wrestling.....

    Yeah there are things many people don't like about the current product both WWE and TNA and even ROH all have their strengths and weaknesses.....
    I prefer TNA to WWE as I always has prefer the competition to the WWF/WWE machine... NWA, WCW, AWA, World Class, GWF....
  3. weems's Avatar
    I find it odd that everyone loves to hate TNA but never says a negative thing about ROH.
  4. old school 1982's Avatar
    I was 18 during the Monday night wars and, How the Miz would say it was "AWESOME " I wish there was a company to compete with WWE but sadly there isn't. TNA was bad ass for a while when there was a 6 sided ring, crazy gimmick matches I had never heard of, Team Canada Team Mexico Team US Etc. etc. were around. just Petey Williams Finisher had me like WOW. Then they turned it into WCW with Mike Tenay. Hogan and Bischoff, Nash, and Sting. Then got WWE rejects in Like the Dudleys, Mr Anderson , Hardy Boys, I stopped watching 3 years ago. Today I tried to watch and was even more upset with that stupid cat walk leading to the ring. what happened to the X division? its suppose to be like high flying action and crazy over the top innovative moves. Whats next Triple HHH gets divorced and they bring him in and make him a 50 time Champion beating everyone with the finger poke of doom!
  5. darkflint's Avatar
    Ive tried to like TNA on several occasions,usually every 6 months or so Ill watch it.Maybe Im not giving it enough of a chance but it seems so disjointed.There is some great talent there and its good they have a place to go,but until they work on the writing I cant get into it
  6. Pagey21's Avatar
    I think that wwe has improved there product recently, i think nxt is a better watch than tna at the moment but thats because i really like what there doing. To be honest about a year ago tna was putting on better matches then i think the aces & eight's really brought them down it seems they have wasted alot of time on it, tna has got some stars like roode, storm, aj, samoa joe. I think putting the title on that sabin guy was stupid i think hes got no charisma or he doesnt look good to watch. In a year things can change as we have seen over the last year i think its made wwe really up there game, i know they still do terrible things but its never gonna be perfect
  7. bazzing32's Avatar
    Tna's wrestling aspect of the show is better than wwe on a weekly basis apart from when punk and bryan and ziggler compete

    wwe tends to pull off much better ppv matches than tna and rightfully so.

    Tna needs to cut the dead weight from the company from performers who aren't over and don't bring enough to the table

    As far as Hogan goes, why is he on t.v every week? Like Undertaker is too wwe Hogan doesn't need to be the center piece of tna but more of a special attraction, now i know admitidley they couldn't justify his pay if he were to do this but the last 4 weeks with tna being hogan-less has proved to be better shows but the focus of the show should be joe, aj, roode, aries etc making great matches and cutting good promos too draw you into the show every week.

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