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    I don't even get why fans compare the older guys to the newer guys. CM Punk is no HBK or HHH, but he still has years of his career to get there. Yes i think it willbe a great match and the build so far has been good (could be better but we still have 3 RAWs left) but i 100% agree with, that they should of started the build the right after EC.
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    I'm really hoping Punk can carry Taker, because if he can this should be a very good match. I agree that Punk is no HHH or HBK, but he was the best option available. The best thing about the Undertaker's WM matches is that the fans have to have a slight belief that the Deadman might actually lose. Unfortunately for the match, there is a 0% chance of Punk defeating the Undertaker at WM. The WWE messed up big time when they took the title off Punk, because if this was a streak vs streak match (Punk would have had the belt for around 500 days if he still had it up to WM), there would have been at least a little doubt as to the outcome. Now, since it's a 100% certainty that the Undertaker will win, the match loses something. Although I'm still looking forward to it.
    Nice blog. Thanx. Rob
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    I agree that they should have stopped with wm 27 with taker going 20-0 but taker is gunna be 22-0 in lesss than a month, he doesn't need to compete at consecutive wm and I think he will go to 25-0 possible at wm 34 or 35, lot of you won't agree with me but as long as vince is alive taker will finish with 25-0
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    I believe that Taker v Punk will do better than most expect. I know I am a huge advocator of Punk's but he will be able to carry Taker. Punk brings the best out of John Cena, he will be able to bring the best of the Taker. Punk is a solid in ring performer and has not had a bad match in for a long time. Think of the last match Punk had and you thought to yourself that it was garbage or crap. Taker always brings it for WM and this year will be no different.

    Taker is in his last stages of his career and it is up to him and Vince when he decides to no longer perform at WM. I know that it is a forgone conclusion that Punk loses but Taker had selected KA to beat him and end the streak a long time ago. If anyone on the roster today could beat Taker and make it seem believeable, it would be Punk. Cena doing it would make everyone snap and probably riot and nobody else is even worthy to end it. I assume that 25-0 would make sense for Taker but really 20-1 is not a bad record. It would also allow Taker not to have to keep doing WM matches with his health deteriorating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunny1378
    You guys dont know what you are talking about. CM Punk with the help of the Shield and Hayman have undertaker on the verge until the stadium goes black....then we see a hologram of paul bearer walking to the ring....eeerie with urn in his hand...OR old viginettes of him urging his undertaker on...."get up my taker" ..." my undertaker will never rest in peace" and taker finally puts CM Punk, Shield to sleep.....the urn will play a special role because it will show taker the way and light up the entire arena...
    LOL Holy shit, that will be nuts!
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    The only reason this match is happening is Punk is so over that he needed a great opponent at wrestlemania. I know some where talking of a triple threat for the WWE title, but how many of those do we need at the show of shows? As for Taker, he will be done when he wants to be. I'm sure he will be around for at least 2 more wrestlemania's. I'm sure Cena and Sheamus will get their chance with Cena being Taker's last opponent.
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    Taker's match with Edge and Batista the two years before were also MOTY contenders. That's six MOTY contenders in a row at WrestleMania. I think too many IWC guys criticise Taker for his age and ability, but six MOTY contenders in a row deserves credit. Trust in Taker.

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