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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'm not necessarily saying AJ should be booked like Sting. Yet recycling some older material could be interesting. A modern day Sting, mixed in with a twist of Raven may be an entertaining new gimmick worth watching. As you said, this is something TNA should take their time with, building it gradually and what not.

    AJ can be booked differently than Sting. I'm not saying to deck his face out in paint or anything, but what with TNA being slightly edgier as of late. I for one believe a "dark" gimmick would be something interesting to tune into.

    Great blog bud. As for your f.b link, I still can't seem to find it. Keep me posted, as I'll "like" it when I find it. Take care.
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Why do you want to book AJ like Sting?
    Can't AJ have his own and different story.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @Ozzie Mandias...I'm not sure what would happen if Paul Bearer hadn't died. I'd have to think that the build up would be worse, but who knows. I'm just not a big fan of using death as an angle...much like they did a few years ago with Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler, regarding his mother. I just don't like that. And Punk imitating Bearer this past Monday, makes me hate this build up even more. And as you said, I hope I'm wrong too and this match blows us away.

    @nrb6304...I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. As promised, I will follow up with this post-WM. Thanks for reading.
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    Honestly, I'm gonna respectfully disagree with almost everything you said. HOWEVER this was a well written thought out blog and I wil be looking forward to your blog AFTER the match.
  5. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    Hey love the Coffee Talk. I love pro wrestling and I love coffee so keep up the sick work.

    Numbers are just that - numbers. I don't really get why you think the streak "has" to end at 20-0, 25-0, etc. As long as the big milestones are somewhat special. I didn't think the HIAC match last year was a classic match, but it was special.

    I would like your opinion on another part of the issue. What do you think this feud would be like if Bearer hadn't died or they hadn't involved his death in the feud? I'm unsure on whether it would be better or worse... I just wanted to know what you thought.

    I also agree 100,000% with what you said about 'taker's health. I am glad to know I am not alone in seeing him limp to the ring. It would be a huge shame if he seriously hurts himself in this match, leading to a retirement after an underwhelming performance. It would leave a bad taste our mouths after WM28. Do you agree? Also, I'm thinking that next year is it for Taker. WM30 he will go out. So after he beats Punk this year he will probably face him again next year and that's it. Is it just me, or are you sick of all the rematches?

    So I agree with you. This match wont deliver. But then again, I thought their 2009 feud would be a let down and it wasn't. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Stihltygre's Avatar
    the thing about Taker, according to every word said about him even by his detractors, is that he's a work horse... a complete machine, and he LOVES this buisness and putting on a great show, he gets the say in whether or not he competes and he is more than able to take a year or two off... he didn't, he's in better shape than he's selling. i suspect this years WM is going to shock a lot of the the "taker can't do it any more folks" add to that Punk's abilities, and it SHOULD be a great match.
  7. hofnerite's Avatar
    To make this match great all they need to do is have it a falls count anywhere match and have the vast majority of the match backstage away from the live crowd. Pre record it all, use as many takes, edits, hell even CGI, to make it an incredible match. Have Taker throw Punk through (fake) walls, windows like the hardcore match at X7, massive bumps (which are safer and easier to stage manage if recording rather than live) By doing this, Taker can take all the time he wants, however injured he really is. He can take legit looking bumps, even though they would be safely stage managed and the both of them can create a really memorable match, whoever wins.
    I am surprised with the direction Vinny has taken the E on recent years, they have never actually done this. Even the Boiler Room Brawl was recorded in one take, but didn't need to be. Why not have CGI and edited movie-like segments in wrestling, sorry SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT?

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