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    Great blog. I agree I am totally lost with the Kane cena feud but I think Kane definitely has more to lose then does cena. So since Kane is a hybrid superstar (popularity of a face, attitude and actions of a heel) I think they might have cent turn sometime during this fued and either beat Kane dirty or have a bunch of dq matches and count outs and attacks on each other before the match starts etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I posted this prior to Raw airing tonight. And I also said, this is Purely Speculation, and also listed the others as "Possible Alternatives". Perhaps you should read my blog in full instead of just focusing on a few lines, before commenting. The least you can do for your trouble is subscribe now.
    It showed up after Raw and I didn't bother checking the time you posted it, so my apologies there. But it's probably Jericho
    It would suck so much if it turned out to be Ryback's repackaging lol

    Interesting that the name 'Chris' was crossed out on the book though
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    We will explode our brains trying ti figure it out. WWE with good reason has sprinkled many hints that all point in different directions to stir up conversation. All I know for sure is that Jericho is coming back. He lays it on too thick with his I don't care about the wwe attitude. To me that's a sure sign he is coming back.
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    I would agree with you that the day and the cryptic type of messages point to Jerhico. But the messages mention this being the second coming. Well if this is Jericho this would be his third coming. Brodus Clay I doubt it because they have been dropping his name for like the last two months so there would be no purpose for these cryptic messages. Skip Sheffield hasn't done a damn thing for the E to invest this much hype into a mid-carder. This would be the second coming of the BadAss however the cryptic messages don't fit the character. Finally Kharma last I heard she is still pregnant so don't see that happening.

    Who's it going to be I have no idea at this point. I was leaning towards Jericho and it could still be him trying to pull one us. I was checking the Fozzy website schedule and I see nothing booked right now for the band. But that doesn't mean Chris doesn't have something else going on. I think we will have to wait till next weeks final clue to have a better idea.
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    The type of phrases used in these vignettes do seem to hint at Jericho, but it could also be adopted to Sheffield/Ryback based on his recent cryptic tweets and possible new gimmick. It would be good to see someone like him built this way and it has been suggested in the past that Vince has always been very hot on the guy.
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    It can't be Kharma, She is classified as Female... The kid in the video says 'He' loads of times if I remember correctly.
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    Definitely Sting.....

    Sting v Taker in WM as the opening match.

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