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  1. jaxxvsyou's Avatar
    LOL everyone got their panties in a bunch because Jericho came out..DIFFERENT? OMG NOOO A WRESTLER CHANGING HIS he has a rock star gimmick hence him dropping the mic..seriously people want so hard to predict wrestling that when they dont properly do it they go "oh that sucked thats now how it SHOULD have been" no..that promo was great..he didnt have to say a word and yall all tight..job done? yep....because he didnt say something next week..what are the odds he will do the same again next? its jericho..he is intellectually superior to most people..he is a creator..most people are followers..stop being mad and enjoy that punk wont have to carry the wwe by himself anymore (ps his redebut was AWSOME why? cus "why yall mad bros" is all thats written across peoples
  2. JPVictory's Avatar
    I think as much as everyone says it sucks, Everyone will be watching the upcoming weeks to see where this goes...Remember when Chris left his wasn't into the lion heart gimmic he pulled last night, He's working the crowd only to be the heel that Heel that WWE needs on Raw right now and if it's done right he will fued with Punk and bring up the facts that Punk stole alot of his moves and ways while he was gone...Y2J represents the last generation of wrestlers who wrestled territories so I know he knows what he's doing to have the fans in the palm of his hands....Jast wait & see!
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I'm wondering if they were trying to copy in some way the returns of undertaker and HHH on 2/21/11 when neither of em spoke. Anyway, I was very bored with the Jericho return segment because he did nothing. I honestly had no idea who it was gonna be, and I liked it that way. But when I saw it was Jericho I can say I was disappointed because the vignettes didn't fit the performer. The vignettes were more suitable for an undertaker/sting type character.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    For once the threads have people making more sense of Jericho's return than the bloggers. I suggest everyone have a look there - there's some good ideas out there.
  5. abdelgni's Avatar
    Huge Mistake , believe me.. Retruns at the start was awesome but then it turned that it's just a dancing show, I even almost thought about Hulk Hogan , He is the only human wrestling man who can do a return in that way and the fans would cheer him all night long just like he returned at smackdown 2003 before No Way Out , the fans keep cheered for him all around 15 min without doing any crab just standing waiting for the fans to stop cheering because he wanted to say something but he couldn't . So here is the difference That Fans made Hulk Hogan stop talking because of their real internal Cheerily Feeling, But Jericho was the side who wanted Fans to cheer him all night but he failed apparently ..

    WWE Always put the crap on everything,, they are good in returns of Undertaker and Hulk Hogan ,, the rest I doubt about em
  6. wphill's Avatar
    I understand people's frustration however I wanna just remind everybody that the 1/2/12 videos simply stated "It Begins".

    Jericho didn't need to come out and reveal everything on the first night he returns, this is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it, let's just see how it goes.
  7. mr_pipe_bomb's Avatar
    give it some time....

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