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  1. Cobra's Avatar
    Agrees with this. People forget their was an era before the Attitude Era. And like it or not we are living in a new one. Besides, the Attitude Era had it's lame moments as well. Like World's Strongest Man as Sexual Chocolate getting Mae Young pregnant, and then she gives birth to a hand. Their our many things they need to bring back from the past eras, but the attitude ain't necessarily one of them.
  2. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    It should've been when Nexus launched that Cena turned to lead them - that was the time to turn him. Anything now seems like too little too late.
  3. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    @cnoevl21 The Attitude Era was great because it was new, and because that era wasn't dominated by "political correctness" and sponsors. If the WWE went back into full on Attitude Era mode, WWE would get hammered by sponsors and parents turning off the channel. Edginess and a willingness to let the wrestlers be more adult than kiddie is needed, but what REALLY needs to happen is a complete overhaul of creative and how they build wrestlers and shows up. The 80s were largely kid friendly oriented, but they didn't suck because storylines were interesting.
  4. cnoevl21's Avatar
    Truth be told, until WWE gets away form "PG" its all pretty much garbage. I honestly watch RAW in 15-20 min. cuz the everything is so boring and predictable. My favorite times in present day WWE is when Cena gets hurt and is off TV for a few months. I honestly dont even know why I still watch it. Bring back the days with DX and NWO, and a silent "crow like" Sting. The attitude era had humor, excitement, sex appeal. Todays WWE has none of those things. At least I used to have enjoyable TNA to watch until Hogan and Bishoff came and ruined it all. Bring back the original ECW, and the old TNA; cuz todays wrestling is pure crap and Cena is the worst of it.
  5. Cross's Avatar
    To be honest I don't see the point of Cena turning heel. Cena does not need to turn heel. He is a good role model for kids whether you hate him or not. If Cena was heel he would still be stealing the spotlight. Yes you did make sense in your blog but he would be a heel that is cheered for. Like Eddie Guerero was a heel and he was still cheered for.

    I know Cena turning heel would change his gimmick but plenty of superstars have kept thier gimmick for a long time and they are still cheered for.
    So yes you make plenty of sense but still Cena being heel is pointless
  6. HOTDwwwyki's Avatar
    Great post man you make a great point. A Cena heel turn would be irrelevant if people are going to cheer him lol. Sometimes i wish Cena didn't make wwe so much money so they can be rid of him. I can't see a Cena heel turn being good cuz there's gonna be no surprise feel to it we all expect it to happen and wwe hopes it will make Cena relevant it's just sad.
  7. Parallax's Avatar
    In a word, "NO".

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