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    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior, or DK Genius for short, is back with another post. I figure 75 people will post their Royal Rumble thougts on the blog board so, as always, I'm throwing a curve ball.

    However, it's not much of a curveball is it? My title pretty much says what this blog is going to be. Because I'm officially done with the Chris Jericho saga. Let's look at a run-down of what ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Genuine Royal Rumble Predictions + a few tidbits

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here to give my Royal Rumble predictions. But before I do that, I want to touch on just a few little things.

    First, my last blog was about the Bleak Future of the WWE. I got a good amount of comments and they were all great. Reading these comments, I feel compelled to answer a few things. It was touched upon that we may be seeing the next Big Superstar ...
  3. The Bleak Future of the WWE

    Hey Everyone. Busy week, plus not too much to write about. I logged on Tues morning and saw 17,000 blogs about a Monday Night Raw recap. So, despite the Cena poorly executed angry face into the camera which confirms his Royal Rumble victory over Kane w/ elements of Luke turning to the Darkside, it wasn't much of a build up to the Royal Rumble. I'm more looking forward to HHH's job eval on Johnny Ace. ...
  4. Even Newer Perspective on A Cena Heel Turn

    Welcome Everyone to DKmania!! *waiting for loud, glorious ovation to end*.

    I'm back with sort of a follow up, but now, just a newer thought that came across my mind when seeing the rewind of the Cena/Kane segment where Cena viciously took out Jack Swagger. Is that the final sign for the heel turn? Could it actually be happening now? Or will Cena Rise Above Hate, and remain the most hated ...
  5. Please Keep Vince McMahon Away + Thoughts on Raw

    Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior back for anther write up. Not much has happened this week so there wasn't much for me to post about. But I'm back and I'm going to start with my thoughts on tonight's Raw.

    Raw this week was okay. Wasn't horrible. Wasn't really anything to write home about either. I liked the fact that they were running two championship matches, even though they both ...
  6. January 2nd is Approaching

    Hey everyone. I'm back with another blog. This one will be quick because I plan on posting three times this week. I'm going to jump right in to this one and throw out a few possibilities for the January 2nd video.

    First, this is all pure speculation. I know the website is reporting that the video is supposed to be for Jericho but when reading his tweets, I have to look at other possibilities ...
  7. Final Resolution and Raw Thoughts....Kane Returns

    Hey Everyone. This blogging thing is really awesome. I'm glad mostly everyone likes what I'm writing. But, rather than waste time with all that, I'll jump right in.

    Final Resolution. I actually did pretty bad on my predictions. Some of the comments had predictions that were better than mine. I should have known that Kurt Angle was going to put Storm over since he's doing the Olympics ...
  8. How I would Run TNA...Realistically

    Hey Everyone. I watched Smackdown and Michael Cole is so annoying, that I have nothing to say about it except he ruins the show. Clearly, he ruins the show. Think about how annoying some of the heel talents are. Vicki Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer...and now, think of having to listen to them, all show long, on both shows. That's what it's like having Michael Cole ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. TNA Final Resolution Predictions...And some WHY's?

    Hey everyone. I'm liking the comments I'm getting. It's great interacting with everyone. A change of pace, away from all the Undertaker Streak and Cena vs Rock blogging that's been going on. I'm going to focus solely on TNA.

    First, I want to touch on some WHYs I have about what's happening in Impact Wrestling.

    WHY is there still an Immortal faction? They seem to be doing ...
  10. Oh How Wrestlemania Has Changed.

    Welcome back everyone. Again, thanks for checking out my blog. Someone blogged similar to what I was originally planning so I had to change things up. So, I'll jump right in.

    Just real quick though. Raw was terrible, predictable, and outright lame. I was calling what was going to happen as if I wrote the show myself. The Cena/Zach Ryder segment, The Miz vs Orton, Ziggler vs Sheamus, ...
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