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  1. Wrestlemania Recap: Very Little Good, A Whole Lotta Bad

    Hello wrestling fans…or if you’re like me after this Wrestlemania, former wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a special Wrestlemania Recap blog. This is going to be short, sweet, and very much to the point. It had some good, and a whole lot of bad. But instead of wasting everyone’s time, the way Wresltemania did, let me jump right in.

    Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
  2. Not Your Typical Wrestlemania Predictions

    After weeks of pushing it off to the side, I've decided to post my "Not So Typical" WM predictions. And while after watching Raw, I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for the upcoming extravaganza, I feel that these predictions will still be entertaining if nothing else. A little warning, this will be a long blog.

    So, without further adieu...

  3. The Abdominal Stretch: Post Raw and WM in View

    Hey fans of the this unpredictable, crazy world of wrestling in which we all know and love. The Saviour here with this week's Abdominal Stretch.

    Before I go any further, there is something I need to do. And that is apologize to Knox. Over the course of several weeks, I've unfairly criticized his blogs to an extreme level. Then, because of an opinion he made that I don't agree with, even ...

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