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  1. Even Newer Perspective on A Cena Heel Turn

    Welcome Everyone to DKmania!! *waiting for loud, glorious ovation to end*.

    I'm back with sort of a follow up, but now, just a newer thought that came across my mind when seeing the rewind of the Cena/Kane segment where Cena viciously took out Jack Swagger. Is that the final sign for the heel turn? Could it actually be happening now? Or will Cena Rise Above Hate, and remain the most hated ...
  2. A New Perspective on the Cena Heel Turn

    Hey Everyone. Thank you again for reading my blogs. Earlier this week, I talked about what's happening with Cena and I touched on TNA a bit. I'll do more of both in this one.

    I'm going to add a new perspective on the John Cena heel turn, or not heel turn, depending on what unfolds over the course of the next few months. There's been a lot of blogs and speculation about Cena recently. ...

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