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  1. The Abdominal Stretch: Inching Our Way to No Way Out

    Hey wrestling fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch.

    We are inching our way to No Way Out. Credit to the WWE. They seem to be putting a little more into the feuds leading up to this PPV so far. They've also decided to focus a little more on quality wrestling this week. As it seemed like there were less matches, that lasted longer. ...
  2. Off to the Burial Grounds, Big Show, Mark Henry, More!

    Hey hardcore wrestling fans, The Saviour is here with more fresh, new topics to talk about. I figure after Raw and the live Smackdown, everyone would be giving their Wrestlemania predictions and talking about how great John Cena's promo was...and it was, possibly one of his career best, I'm here to talk about those who have headed down the road to the burial grounds.

    When I say burial ...

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