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DK Wrestling Savior

  1. Sudden Impact: The Need for the Mid Card Title

    Hey fans. DK Savior here, way ahead of his homework this week and had time to do a special edition of Sudden Impact. Though this should be more of a Coffee Talk, I've decided to do this TNA focused blog without doing a report on what was a very hyped, yet, someone deflating episode of Impact from Corpus Cristi, TX. The 2 out of 3 falls turned out to be a pretty decent match even after the first 2 ...
  2. DK Savior's Promised Punk/Taker Follow Up

    Hey fans. Savior here with my requested follow up to the CM Punk vs Undertaker match at lastnight's Wrestlemania. Just to recap, a few week's ago, I posted a Coffee Talk blog revolving around this feud and my expectations weren't very high for this match. Was I right? Was I wrong? Let's jump into it shall we?

    Before I get started, I just want to note that in my Coffee Talk from Saturday, ...
  3. Coffee Talk: Wrestlemania Outcomes

    Hey Wrestling Fans. DK Savior here with the final Coffee Talk before Wrestlemania. The season was a long one. One filled with seemingly lackluster build and little to no real drama. Nothing since the Royal Rumble really WOW'd me and by reading blogs and forums, it seems I'm not alone. But not withstanding, we are approximately 24 hours from Wrestlemania. And many, MANY predictions that have come out. ...

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