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  1. A Death In The Impact Zone

    What's up everyone, Just figured I'd spare sometime to write a little blog about the latest news story about TNA deciding to not have any on the road Impacts planned for the foreseeable future.

    Right, to start off the reason behind them not going to move forward with Impacts on the road is because the ratings haven't improved. Let's get this straight they have taped Impact on the road ...

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  2. WWE PPV Names

    Evening everyone. Just read the news about WWE bringing back No Way Out as a PPV and just wanted to write a short blog about WWE and it's Pay Per View names.

    For starters, I'm addressing the reviving of No Way Out as a PPV, big problem with that is No Way Out in July? No, No , No!!! No Way Out is a Febuary PPV and always will be to me.

    I have always hated WWE's Decision to ...
  3. Unpredictability - The Lost Art Form

    Hello all, first time blogging so hopefully it's not too bad of a read. I'll try and have my grammar up to scratch. (don't want the grammar police knocking on my door)

    This is something I randomly thought about on my walk home earlier today and thought I'd share with you fine people.

    Ok, so unpredictability in wrestling theses day's are as rare as finding a £20 note down ...

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