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  1. Huntersnider21's Avatar
    I'm going to post a few more blogs with The Miz, Cena, Rhodes, Taker, etc. I haven't forgotten about them!! And thank you all for the responses! Regardless of if you like Barrett or Ziggler, I think we all can agree that this year there needs to be new "top guys" emerge, regardless of who it is. Because outside of John Cena, Orton, and Sheamus is starting to get there also, there's isn't anybody thats standing out.
  2. Sam Axe's Avatar
    Sorry, but Wade Barrett is boring.
  3. Rockstar83's Avatar
    The draft has no meaning since they all jump everywhere.
  4. InRite's Avatar
    Easy to read, yes.....made sense? Not so much. It sounds to me like you are a huge Barrett mark, and there's nothing wrong with that he's a great wrestler. I do not, however, EVER want to see him as the face of the company, face or heel. If, IF they were to combine the two titles (which they would be stupid to do due to the fact that both brands run house shows on the same dates at the same times in different places and both need a flagship title) I would hate to see Barrett be the one to unify them. That would be something that would be good for a Cody Rhodes or Randy Orton, depending on if they want a face or heel champion. Its a good bolg, and your match/storyline structure isn't bad at all. I just can't agree with your star choice.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent write up. Stretching all the way to next Wrestlemania. The only thing is, you don't mention Miz, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk...these guys aren't going to just disappear.

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