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  1. A Wrestling Written Conundrum: Gimmicks

    This will be my third blog, In which I would like to point out the gimmicks of the WWE.

    CM Punk:
    The social anarchist who hates authority, sound familiar? I enjoy CM Punks promos and matches much more than Stone Cold, but this is another example of WWE ripping off themselves.

    John Cena:
    Cena's gimmick has taken a downslope over the past few years, but i ...

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  2. The Written Wrestling Conundrum: Main Eventers

    Currently in the WWE The main Eventers include:

    CM Punk:
    This guy worked till his bones broke in every promotion he's been in, and now he has finally secured his role in the WWE main event, hopefully for a long time. His promos are the best in the company, his matches are always high stakes, and he has the right look to be the face of the company.

    John Cena: ...

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