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  1. My thoughts on Wrestlemania: Ratings match by match

    Match #1 Daniel Bryan (c) vs Sheamus: World Heavyweight Title Match


    Going into wrestlemania, in fact, hell, immediately after Elimination Chamber I knew Sheamus would be winning the World title against Daniel Bryan. However, I was hoping for a much better match. Both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are both excellent wrestlers and were worthy of a lengthy ...
  2. The New Revolution, WWE's Young Talent

    So it's no question that the WWE is definitely going into a new era, there are plenty of young talent on the roster right now, but are some of them going to be forced into the main events to early? Well in this blog, I'll give my input on a few of these young talents, and say if I think they are for main events or not

    Dolph Ziggler- So there's been a lot of hype over Mr. Ziggles recently, ...

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