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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I respect the fact that, ZR made hmself relavant when there is abs no direction for him in WWE..

    But, i never watched him on youtube..I don watch Youtube channels n all..

    so I donno abt this browski thing at all...

    I gauge ppl by their work during the air time...n I feel he's not so gr8..

    but, I saw him teaming with Curt Hawkins..n I should say..the guy can wrestle betterthan wat he's doing now....WWE shud allow him to wrestle more...guy luks awesome..n ha abilities...WWE shud not make him another joke cashing on his merch..they shud allow him to wrestle ( which he does better than many others)..

    n I accept taht Tyson Kidd is way betterthan ZR inside the ring n so is Trent...but, I feel ZR can perform better than wat he's doing now...
  2. thetheme's Avatar

    The miz was on the coat tails of every tag partner that he had, annoying on the mic, blows chunks in the ring, and can't pull off a good match alone with no bullshit every once in a while like other heels do like Cody, Wade or even Del Rio. He got the US belt and barely defended it, that's when the sitting on the midcard belts started. He did little to nothing in the money in the bank match. He has someone do most of the work for him while that coochie gets his ass kicked, so who relies on who and what as far as comparison? Talking on the mic isn't enough. Vickie and Cole can talk on the mic, so that means nothing. Respect the miz, never.

    Ryder came in and showed some in ring skill at least when he was with Edge. Went on his own and just got pushed aside because of the BS with creative. So Ryder went out on his OWN and made a name for himself. Ryder can work a decent match, that I can RESPECT. Even though I am not a Ryder fan, I can at least understand. People only like miz because he is against Cena, no more no less but they won't admit it. People like Ryder because he was on the road to being "future endeavored" and went and did something about it while creating a fan base and a good character.
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I don't like Ryder. I barely tolerated him when he was being an Edge clone back in '07. But I do respect the fact that he knew he wasn't going anywhere and did something about it. And guess what he's making Uncle Vince money and thats all that matters to Vince!!!!!!! If you think for one minute that any of our opinions matter to Vince the you might want to re-watch the McMahon dvd again.
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar

    how can zack ryder be > the miz.. obviously not seeing that that miz already has the us wwe and unified tag team titles.. his mic game is mad off the chain compared to ryder.. serious bro?? lol in the hell do you figure ryder is >than the miz when he was sittin on the fucking couch while miz was winning money inthe bank.. cashing in his title shot.. now i am certainly no miz fan at all but i RESPECT the hell out of him coming from the real world to wwe champion..ryder has no mic game and relies on cena to help get him over..and if the average fan was smart they would see that..good thing we have alot of smart fans..
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    Zack Ryder > miz nuff said.
  6. Godsmack78's Avatar

    Thank you for replying.. I dont think hes the worse gimmick in the world but he needs to pay his dues.. im not hating on the guy but its just a joke that a guy who was on the verge of going nowhere to pow supercena starts plugging his name and off he goes.. us title shot?? kayfabe or not my friend that is a slap in the face to the dean malenkos and eddie guerreros that bled and broke their bones to wear that belt.. remember it was a wcw belt.. and again the reason he isnt being taken serious as a wrestler is because of your so called personality of being funny... of course vince is about the money which is why he should get the fuck out of the wwe.. all this kiddie pg shit is rediculous and by the way i am a hardcore wresting fan buddy.. ever since the 80s and im only 33.. and yes if given time.. he can be a DECENT MID CARDER.. no more.. more like a jobber than anything.. plus if you were to ask 10 wrestling fans real wrestling fans if zack ryder has a legit shot to beat legit wrestlers like austin aries, shelton benjamin, cody rhodes, hell he couldnt even beat eric young.. even if you give him time he is a low mid carder.. his z long island stories are decent and hit and miss at best.. and again if you have to use you tube and not your ability to get a push them theres a p;roblem with me there..and as far as jr goes. yes maybe he does see something in ryder but hes the only one ... if you love ryder thats your business and your right but you cant convince me by breaking down my quote like an espn analyst...i stand by every word i put down. ryder doesnt have it.. and if he does i sure as hell dont see it.. and how in the hell is john cena not responsible for ryder being pushed.. so therefore he is riding cenas coattails.. again i stand for my word..but good counterpoints.. i dont have a beef with ryder i think he should earn it the right way not leeching from the internet and young influenced 12 year olds with the mind of little sheep.. oh and john
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Godsmack78
    wow.. wrestlingfan608 took the words out of my mouth...zack ryder is hot ass garbage.. please dont talk about him being a good wrestler when he barely does his broski boot correctly and that stupid ass finisher the ruff ryder sounds kinda like a bisexual guy on guy move..
    IMO, I think hes a decent wrestler if given an amount of time in his matches. His match against Christian on WWECW proved that if you give him more time in the ring, he can be a great wrestler. He may not be a great technical wrestler but he doesn't have to be. You think he isn't a great wrestler and performs his finisher terribly which is your opinion. To each there own.

    no disrespect to dmx but zack ryder is riding the coattails of john cena, the internet and 12 year old boys and girls.. please stop trying to defend this sorry excuse of a wrestler..
    Hes not riding the coattails of John Cena. Hes gotten himself over well enough to be established in the wwe. Him being allied with Cena isn't a bad thing either. Hell I would want to hang out with the biggest star in the WWE if I were Ryder. Also, whats with some people trying to almighty by trying to tell them which wrestler to defend and what wrestler not to defend?

    even good ole redneck boy jim ross would rather see ryder pushed other than lets say rtruth or even our world heavyweight champion(like it or not) mark henry..
    Maybe he actually sees talent in Ryder. It is his opinion on Ryder after all.

    thats what pisses me off about vince he doesnt give two shits about the REAL fans.. the 30-50 age group males with common goddamn sense..
    Your meaning of a real wrestling fan is so asinine, its not even funny. NEWSFLASH, there is no such thing as REAL wrestling fans. Its either you enjoy wrestling or you don't Simple as that. And at the end of the day, Vince is all about the money. if he sees money in a wrestler, of course hes going to push them. Vince isn't stupid.

    I swear if ryder gets the wwe title before rtruth im gonna boycott that shit for good.. plus what wrestler( i mean sports entertainer would petition signatures so he can get a title shot?? who the fuck does that. ryder is a piece of purple shit for going about it that way when people like santino who is fuckyears better than ryder gets buried?? not sayin santino deserves a title shot but he is really truly a better entertainer and wrestler than zack woo woo woould you get the fuck out of here and take your boyfriend john cena with you..
    The whole petition thing was all in Ryder's personality of being funny. I doubt he actually started the petition to ACTUALLY get a Title shot. Something called kayfabe buddy.
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