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  1. Break It Down: Hardcore Summer

    What is up everybody? Time for another edition of Break It Down, where DK Wrestling Savior and myself tackle a few topics from the week. Last week someone brought up the point of readers throwing us questions, and I think that is a great idea. So when you comment, if you'd like to leave a question for us to tackle on the following blog, feel free to do so and we might just pick you! Let's get right ...
  2. WBC Top 5 Series #14: Top Talents

    What is up guys!? So time for another WBC Top 5. Last week Akbar held onto his title for another week. Kudos to him! This week, the guy who got left out due to blog issues, challenges Akbar. That's right, it's Akbar vs Darkside Ron Garvin. The topic is top 5 talents. The criteria I gave ...
  3. WWE's 10 Fantasy Match Thoughts

    So, this isn't one of my regular blogs. Yesterday, I went to to see if there was any events coming to my area, and I saw their video about top 10 fantasy matches. With this blog, I am going to talk about those matches. Here we go!

    CM Punk vs Randy Savage
    Now, this would be an interesting match up. I never saw Savage in his prime as I wasn't a fan then, but I have rewatched ...
  4. WBC Series #12: The Finale

    What is up guys? So, after some deliberation, I decided to put an end to the main series. The reasoning, is a few different ones. The main series isn't getting as much traffic as the top 5 is, and I came up with a new blog series with a friend on EWN, you all may know of, DK Wrestling Savior, that'll be debuting soon. So, this is the finale. The champ, Renevious, has the chance to go out on the top, ...
  5. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up guys? Time for another edition of Uncooked! I'll get right into the stuff your here to read!

    The Good
    *CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
    *Sandow assaulting Clay
    *Ziggler vs Riley
    *Bryan vs Cena

    Ok, to start the night of good ...
  6. Up/Down: Jobbers and Low Carders

    What is up guys! In the last addition of this blogg, I looked at the midcard of the WWE and talked about Kofi, Truth, and Ziggler to name just a few. On this edition, I am goingg to focus on the lower tier of the WWE. The jobbers and low card talent. Let's dive right into it!

    Alex Riley
  7. WBC Series #11: State of the WWE

    What is up guys! time for another edition of WBC! This time, the topic is the state of the WWE! We are having the champ, Renevious, defend his title against a blogger here on EWN, The Great One! Let's take a look at the champs blog first!


    What's up ...
  8. WBC Top 5 Series #13: Top 5 Summerslam PPV's Part 2


    5. SummerSlam 1997
    Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Cage match)
    Goldust vs. Brian Pillman
    Legion of Doom vs. GodwinnsBritish Bulldog vs. Ken Shamrock (European Title)Los Boricuas vs. D.O.A.
    Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart (Intercontinental Title)
    Bret Hart vs. Undertaker (WWF World

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  9. WBC Top 5 Series #13: Top 5 Summerslam PPV's Part 1

    What is up guys? Time for another edition of WBC! This time, after lasts weeks blog, I decided to take the top two vote getters, and pit them against each other. As an added mix, a threw in a former champ of the Top 5 series, the chance to take his title back! Also, I am putting the first challenger in this blog. You won't be able to comment though. The champ and other challenger will be in the second ...

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  10. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up guys?! Time for another Uncooked blog. Hopefully this one generates some conversation, so I'll get right into it! Here we go!

    The Good
    *CM Punk Promo
    *Sheamus vs D-Bry
    *Christian/Jericho vs Miz/Ziggler
    *D-Bry Psych
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