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  1. WWE Superstars Who Should Of Won The WWE Title & World Heavy Weight By NOW!

    Should Have Won WWE Title By NOW!

    #1 Cody Rhodes
    #2 Wade Barret( W The 1st NEXUS)

    Shouldnt Have Won The WWE Title

    #1 The Miz- Too Much Of A Title For Him
    #2 Sheamus- It Was Too Soon, Hes No Brock Lesnar
    #3 Rey Misterio- This Is A Joke!

    Should Have Won The World Heavy Weight Title By NOW!

    #1 Dolph Ziggler ...
  2. The Next Few Months Leading To Wrestlemania

    Some Sort OF Alliance Between Kevin Nash & John Laurinaitis
    Bringing Shawn MIchaels Back For A Short Time NOT TO WRESTLE, Perhaps To Shake Things Up W Triple H, Steph, & Vince.

    The Undertaker To Return Have A Quick Feud With Some1 & Get Him Self Prepare For What Could Be His LAST MATCH @ Wrestlemania

    Chris Jericho To Also Return For Wrestlemania ...

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