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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Good job PhE... I am glad someone filled in for the Sudden Impact blog. I think you might have swung to the FAR left on your bias towards Impact, but I think it was a solid and honest review.
  2. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    I think the detail that was significant in this episode of Impact is that Devon was wearing the "Sgt-at-Arms" patch on his vest. This is a clear signal that Devon isn't the leader of A&8's. In fact if they are following regular protocol....Sergeant-at-Arms is about 5th in the pecking order of a biker gang. Pres....Vice Pres.....Secretary.....Treasurer are higher ranks......I imagine they will be revealed in reverse order.
  3. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    So every week it's gonna be TNA roster coming out with Hogan to face off against A&E? I wish A&E storyline would move forward a little faster, it's starting to become old.
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice edition of Sudden Impact PhE. It was a good impact, but, The guy from Big Brother? Really? I mean, Tara said that she had a BIG NAME Hollywood Boyfriend, and they choose that clown? What a joke.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Over all it is a good Impact. The AJ/Daniels/Angle match is the high light match but, for me AA is the HIGHLIGHT of the night.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Hernandez, or TNA's Mr.Botchfest as I like to refer to him as, still reminds me of a Spanish version of Scott Steiner.
    Even i feel the same...but I enjoy Steiner more than him...

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