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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I like BigDawg's thoughts! That would be awesome...I also believe, it will be Batista, Jericho or The McTwins!
  2. Zekic's Avatar
    Damnit... thats why i love and hate internet community in such situations.. while they reveal most obvius guesses they add so much more wild guesses which leaves you wondering :wtf is gonna happen? 1 day.. one damn day.. i guess its the first time i gonna find some stream and watch raw live
  3. jackw9's Avatar
    if its not jericho etc etc its a failure, ppl grow up seriously u aint even give the person a chance if it doesnt turn out to be who u want, u wont like it thats just childish cos ur not getting ur own way .............. good blog
  4. akhileshpai's Avatar
    Great blog....what if its really Shane...with Stephanie to help him out...Steph turning her back on Hunter..struggle for power..I like the look of things here..hope its Shane or even Brock...WWE needs something interesting to happen like this to get the viewers hooked..
  5. HungOver's Avatar
    I really get the feeling its the return of Shane and Stephanie,To add to the points in your blog its been noticed that Stephanie is been involved lot more backstage not to mention her workout videos.Also the very ending of those encrypted videos the kid gives an expression similar to Shane O Mac. Either way looking forward to finding out.
  6. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Nice Blog, but lets wait and see....
  7. Abs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    It's a good blog, but you didn't state anything new other than what has already been covered in a lot of previous blogs over the last few weeks.
    Thanks for reading, and yea i just wanted to give some reasons why it could be those guys and why not, besides everyone has done a blog about it so why not?
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