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    Thanks for the feedback so far, i'm a little rusty because EWN hasn't published my blogs in a while (until this one) so I stopped for a kofi blog WILL be better
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    To your defense, yes the IC title scene needs recalibration but Jericho does not need an IC title run. Big Show winning could do something for it, I rather it be a heel Big Show with it. Maybe we can have a double heel, face turn with Cody and Show. But I also wouldn't mind seeing Cody hold on to the belt for a while. There are plenty of up and coming superstars on SmackDown who could contend for the title against Rhodes or Show. Tournaments, number one contender ship matches. Great feuds can be established with the young stars of the show.
    By the way, Smackdown needs to get off Sci fi, but thats an entirely different story, but would benefit the undercard.
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    Agree with bearkg88 about the Big Show part, but have the feud with Cody for a few PPV. It is very unrealistic for Jericho to go for the IC Championship just after he competed for the WWE Title at the mainevent of Wrestlemania 28.
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    While i think it would be cool to see Jericho as IC champion again, I don't like the storyline idea you have. I'd rather Big Show won, then get a feud between Show and Jericho considering their history
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    u forgot Usos???
  6. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Finally someone understands the potential of Hawkins and Reks. I'd rather have them as champs than Hunico/Epico anyday. Seems you forgot the potential of the Usos tho, I'd give them a shot first maybe.
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    The Orton vs Barrett match was a double countout.

    WWE's Mexican AMrica with Puerto Rican guys?
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