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  1. State Of The "IC":Breaking The Walls Down

    I've been thinking alot about the Intercontinental Championship, Cody Rhodes, and the future of the I.C. Title

    Alot of title runs lately have either been at unscheduled match or through an undetermined contender. This is especially true for the IC title. Before Cody captured the IC from Ezekiel Jackson, the title was thrown around ALOT which made this title lose alot of ...
  2. Tribute To The Troops:2011 Review

    Match 1:Orton vs. Barrett review
    Interesting match, I'm LOVING this feud. Unfortunately, Otunga ran out for the save and pretty much just got DESTROYED by Randy Orton.
    Winner:Randy Orton by DQ

    Match 2:Ryder vs. Swagger
    Just a match to keep putting Ryder over. I do wonder about Dolph accompanying Swagger instead of Vickie AND Dolph, but thats just me..It was nice ...

    Updated 12-14-2011 at 08:21 PM by Corwo

  3. The Tag Team Division:Reparing

    Corwo here and this is my 5th blog since joining EWN! This blog will be highlighting some ways to rebuild the Tag Division and how to make AirBoom look good as a Face Team.

    Obviously they have great teams to start rebuilding, it just doesn't seem like a priority to them at the moment despite the fact that HHH wants to rebuild the Tag Division. Why not start having ...
  4. Stars On The Rise, IC Prestige & More

    Corwo here again with a brand new blog. This blog is featuring some of the "newer" stars on the rise (some of which have been appearing in main events alot throughout the past month or so. )

    What can I say, great athlete. He graduated from Boston College and has lots of in-ring ability. He had a GREAT match with Wade Barrett I mean GREAT match with Wade ...
  5. iMPACT Report:Crimson & Morgan Tag Champions and Fortune's Fall?

    I've been reading alot of reports (and some spoilers) for IMPACT lately and pretty much just watching alot of IMPACT.I would like to talk about some main focuses during the past month or so from TNA.


    Well...great way to keep Crimson's undefeated streak and push (well I don't know, It started the day he signed with TNA..) I think Morgan ...
  6. Second Thoughts:Not Without Drew Mcintyre

    I've been watching some Superstars lately and thinking about some things and I realized: Drew Mcintyre does NOT get nearly enough credit for the heel he is.

    Just look at some of the episodes of Superstars from the past few weeks, great competitor and he received a nice amount of heat this past week. He had a great match on RAW with Randy Orton not long ago and to me, has proved that ...
  7. What WWE Needs To Do For The Roster

    First of all,I'm Corwo and I just joined EWN and this is my first blog. This blog is mainly what I personally think WWE needs to do to their roster and for the shows.

    What They NEED
    Bring back the Cruiserweight or Lightweight Title,this gave the smaller guys something to fight for instead of being at the bottom of the mid-card and put on some great matches such as Tajiri vs ...

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