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  1. Goldust- A Blog about Him finally!


    Hey its Gabriel, and I would like to say that Goldust is one of the most funniest wrestlers ever to bless a promo. I must admit I may be one of the few guys exicted about his return to wrestling. Personally I want to see Booker T and goldust do a program, or Goldust and his Real life half brother Cody Rhodes! I only hope he drops the stupid shock gimmick...If you did not know the reason ...
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  2. Best Mid Card Talent Today

    Hey My last blog was me venting. Anyway here is who I think is the mid card Talent Today.

    Intro:Some of the greatest wrestlers were mid card for all or most of there careers and brought prestige to the titles we have today, and todays Mid card is no different. As they try to do the same thing. So here my list of superstars right now doing the Midcard name justice

    Kofi ...

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