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  1. TNA 10: Top Ten Matches

    Following on from the top 10 moments in TNA history, I bring you the top 10 matches to come from TNA in the past 10 years. These matches will be based on both the quality of the match as well as the impact (no pun intended) they had. So without further ado here is the 10 ten matches of TNA.

    10. America’s Most Wanted vs Triple X (Six Sides of Steel: Turning Point 2004)

  2. TNA 10: Top Ten Moments

    TNA 10: Top 10 moments
    In this blog I will be counting down my top ten moments in TNA history, I believe myself to be fan of both WWE and TNA and more importantly professional wrestling as whole. I proudly say I have watched TNA since the first PPV from Huntsville, Alabama (mainly because it was on free television here in the UK). I stopped watching a few times but always kept up on the storylines. ...
  3. The Phenominal One

    If you ask any well informed wrestling fan who they most think of when they hear the words TNA, 90% of the time they are going to say 'the phenominal' AJ Styles. But why is this??

    The answer is quite simple. AJ STYLES IS TNA WRESTLING. Dixie Carter can try and bring in any former WWE guy to get a cheap pop in ratings but the die-hard TNA fans will always want the TNA originals to come ...
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