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  1. Tribe's Avatar
    Good Blog ..

    I agree on the Diva's match ... I was praying Kharma ran in and saved this match. The only reason I didn't fast forward this is because it was live and couldn't fast forward.
  2. Glenjose's Avatar
    Purely ment on top off the current roster, you add Lesnar, Batista and the rock, it's not too shabby. Totally agree Ziggler, D Bryan and others need to be pushed.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Okay Blog. A little too much love for Ziggler considering the following comment you made.

    "With Lesnar re-signing, Batista (maybe) re-signing, Rocky is booked for more WWE events this year, 4 match's at least was the last I heard, the WWE aint in a bad state."

    With this comment, what does that say about the Zigglers, Daniel Bryans, Wade Barretts, so on and so on? It says the future isn't so bright. Therefore, the WWE IS in a bad state. Sooner or later, these guys aren't going to be able to compete anymore. Who will they go to, if they keep pushing today's stars back?
  4. Misslyzzz's Avatar
    Great blog. I was shocked about the Cena/Rock ending too, but i think letting the rock wins when we all know he's going away to make some movies was a bad choice.

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