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  1. WWE vs. TNA. Like Ruth's Chris vs. Huddle House, not that Huddle House is bad, but..

    The title of this post is not original. As a former radio boss once told me, 99-percent of great ideas are stolen, and the title was sto..., errr, borrowed from a Tweet posted by the best wrestling announcer not calling matches right now, Joey Styles (well, the best announcer not calling matches until halfway through this week's Raw, anyway.) It took me until the last week or so to discover for ...
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  2. WWE Raw Walkout is More Compelling than "Occupy Wall St."

    Much media attention has been given to the protests over lack of jobs and "corporate greed" labeled Occupy Wall Street. Like the protest itself, some of this attention is legitimately warranted, while a lot of it is manufactured. Garnering virtually no attention from the traditional media, however, was another protest over jobs, working conditions, and an unresponsive corporation; the ...

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