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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    Dolph Ziggler was born on July 27, 1980, so about 3 years away from Cena. You have to remember Ziggler was around the company when Cena was beginning to rise. While I believe he's a great talent and will be a top guy in a year or so, he's a bit old for Vince to crown as "the man." I think if they weren't so afraid of touching on the old legendary gimmicks, they should have Ziggler embrace the Mr. Perfect comparisons. Then they could also resurrect the fading of Joe Hennig by giving them both a decent rivalry over the whole thing. Though of course, those are just my thoughts.

    Ryback just misses the 5 year cut-off by being born on November 10, 1981. Beyond that his NXT gimmick has damaged him one way where I also feel how they're presenting Ryback in WWE to be making things worse. Of course, bad gimmicks are dues you pay in this business and even Cena, HHH, Stone Cold, Undertaker, et al went through theirs. Ryan Reeves definitely has the physique to be "the man" at 6'3 and 291lbs, but he doesn't have the mic skills. If anything, he's shaping up to be another Goldberg wannabe/knock-off at this point. That's kind of sad because I've seen his work in FCW and it's definitely above this crap they have him doing now.

    The 5 year cut-off was to keep things short and in perspective of Vince most likely wanting a guy that can go the seven to ten years Cena and others have done. This was actually least fair to Mason Ryan of all guys who was I believe like 3 months under the 5 year mark.
    By all accounts, Ryback is Ryan Reeves idea. He played this character before he was ever Skip Sheffield from what I understand. He's gone back to this character because he wants to create a juggernaut that can destroy everyone. I dont think he has the mic skills either. Plus he's an Aggie, so that doesnt help. But, Ryback is somewhat of a throw back... and who would have ever guessed Batista had mic skills when he burst on the scene? I dont think Vince would be so high on a guy that wasnt the complete package. Then again, see Drew McIntyre.
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    Other than it being preferable to Vince that the face of the company be physically big, why can a Shawn Michaels-esque guy not carry the company?

    Michaels himself did it, Bret Hart did it and he isn't exactly muscular, and you mentioned both. It seemed to me that you set a lot of this blog on the idea that a small, athletic guy couldn't carry the company.

    For me, Punk is effectively carrying the company now that Cena has been put into non-title feuds. The difference is that WWE is going for legitimacy rather than aiming at the kids again.

    Also, Triple H was holding the company up as the best heel in WWE history, and Daniel Bryan could easily be the next anti-hero face of the company.

    I think this blog misses out on some serious contenders because of the statistics you set it to. The face of the company is based on both Vince's preference and who goes over with the crowd. You cannot ignore the importance of the live crowd.
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    I would love if it was Dolph Ziggler all jokes aside I mean he has it. I mean I love his entrance I love his attitude he's it. WWE needs to wake up and realize that's he's the next Man......

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    To be fair to Hawkins, I have enjoyed his work on Superstars quite a bit. I have little recollection of him on the mic or cutting a promo at any point aside from little backstage vignettes that lead to nowhere. I would say that Hawkins is probably the best guy in either of the tag teams he's been in.

    It seems like WWE has this obsession with pushing one known tag team member over the other. I knew the midcard mafia existed and got canned by the 'E. So now I'm thinking that Hawkins is getting Christian-ed or Matt Hardy-ed while they push Ryder, only because he can sell merch to kids who think he's "cool" and falls more-so into the PG show expectations. It's just sad because Hawkins' in-ring beats the absolute crap at times out of anything I've seen Ryder do.
    yes i'm afraid he'll receive this treatment and i shall frown upon it hawkins is a cool bad guy a funny guy as well but wwe just couldn't even make one well thought feud out of this? ryder is established and hawkins is ryder is a face hawkins is a heel is it so hard? they even have a credible excuse for a long feud which will hopefully lead to another us championship run for both hawkins & ryder
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    This is one of the best blogs I have ever read - and such a detailed analysis of all the young talent available on the roster. I have always maintained that talent is abundant - but as far as this blog goes, it is about the numero uno, "The Man".

    IMHO, I really think we may be running this a bit too early. As one of the co-bloggers commented, Cena has a good 5 years to go and it looks in all probability that Steamboat/Rhodes will carry the mantle. But what it does bring to the fore is how these kids are shaping up and how the IWC perceives them / rates them. Without some formidable, tenacious competitors, the 'face' of the WWE will never be "The Man". The other ring workers put the face over - and it is exactly the context in which I believe this blog must be read.

    I will be honest in saying that when I first skimmed through the blog, I felt some names were missing - but after I read it in full detail, I looked up the dates of birth and some in-ring history and completely got why some names like Ryback or Gabriel were left out.

    For 2 cents - my vote goes to Rhodes more than Steamboat (it is because I have seen less of them but his pedigree and developmental work is very impressive), though a double-turn here and there would mean both of them would be the top 2 in future.
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    might be a bit harsh on rybacks mic work, then again maybe not. Defentily too harsh on Bateman, while he wont be the 'face' off wwe he is funny. My vote is for Steamboat. I think they are holding him back deliberatly, so as not to stagnate on the main roster before he is 'the guy' also a few injuries have stalled him somewhat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    i Dont know if age really matters...Austin was about 33 when he became face of the company, So Dolph has every chance as Cody...
    Cena is supposedly planning to be around for about 5 more years. Probably 2-3 in which he will continue on as the face of the company. So by the time that rolls around, a good number of the guys on the roster will be around 33, including Ziggler. The thing there is, if Austin's injury didn't happen, how long would he have really gone on as the company's face?

    The face of the company has always also been, well, a face (at worst an anti-hero like Austin or Punk) and Ziggler is really good as a heel. I see Ziggler being for the next ten years or so, if he sticks with the company, he's going to be the top heel. I foresee him having a career somewhere between Chris Jericho and Edge.
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