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    "They are creating their next “superhero”, and all people do is complain. A hero has to know defeat before they know what it takes to win. That is the story WWE is crafting. So, why are people complaining?"

    This a million times over.

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    very respectable blog, kudos, bro.
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    If "akbar" took the time to comment, your blog was definitely worth the read. I can relate on so many levels, what with being roughly the same age, and growing up in the same "wrestling eras". I enjoyed the read, and quite honestly, it was nice hearing someone praise the E' rather than talk down on it. I felt as though I was walking in your very shoes ....say, late 2002. Along with everything else in life, wrestling moves with time. I guess as many others have stated, we should quit the bitching and simply enjoy the product for what it truly is. To quote one of the greats in the blogging community;
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    At least this blog had a happy ending, very upbeat man.

    Great Blog, keep em' coming bud.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    At least this blog had a happy ending, very upbeat man.
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    That was un expected i thought he was going to say how bad the PG era is but he still watches it lol. This era is bashed for the same stuff past eras did lol.
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    I have no problem with comedy gimmicks. I like Santino Marrela's Cobra and goofy strut-run. I am probably the only person on this webite who's favorite tag-te am is ODB and Eric Young.
    That being said, the Funkasaurus gimmick is Gobbledegook-levels of terrible.
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