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  1. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #15-11

    For the previous entry in this series, wrestlers 20-16, check out my member profile links.

    15. Ravishing Rick Rude
    Closest he ever came: SummerSlam, August '90

    Unlike many other of the names on this list, in relation to the waxing and waning of Hogan's runs with the belt, Rude's timing couldn't have been better. After making his debut with the company shortly after ...

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  2. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #20-16

    Mike Mizanin, Jack Swagger and Sheamus - what do these names have in common? Aside from being charismatic, dynamic and talented superstars who have bright futures ahead of them, they're all premature "former" WWE world champions. It's staggering to look at how many names are now billed as "former world champs" in the WWE today. Consequently it had me looking back at a number of ...

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  3. Cena vs Rock and my All-Time Fantasy Card

    WWE has been billing the main event for Wrestlemania for a "dream" match of Rock vs. Cena.

    Who I'll root for: Rock
    Who should win: Cena - I don't think the WWE has had a harder worker than Cena in all the time they’ve been operating. Although I am not a Cena fan, he does deserve to bask in the victory over Rock at Wrestlemania. And when you compare Cena to Rock – ...
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  4. Branding Issues Pt. 2: The Kurt Angle-TNA Paradox - A Final Hope

    In continuing my rant on the state of TNA and its so-called brand here I present part 2, and a possible solution, to the TNA dilemma, and it's lack of a providing a viable alternative to the monopoly that is the WWE.


    In part one I mentioned one other wrestler that could legitimately stand off on the other side of the ring opposite Kurt Angle in the Shawn, ...

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  5. Branding Issues pt. 1: The Kurt Angle-TNA Paradox

    For wrestling fans old enough to remember the 1990s, the wrestling wars between the WWF and WCW were a dream come true. The WWE has churned out a mediocre, over-exposed, over-hyped product for a decade now. That said, it's still the best promotion running. This is a sad truth.

    There are plenty of indie promotions for wrestling fans out there, but quite frankly, I'm just 1 of many typical ...

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