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Wombat Attack

  1. Why John Cena is Hated

    So after 8 years the WWE is finally acknowledging the fact that John Cena isn't exactly the most popular guy around. According to the news thread related to this topic on this website the reasons why articles on point to Cena being disliked are

    - Tired of his gimmick
    - Think he's Hulk Hogan all over again
    - Think he hogs the spotlight
    - Feel he can't wrestle

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  2. Cena vs Rock and my All-Time Fantasy Card

    WWE has been billing the main event for Wrestlemania for a "dream" match of Rock vs. Cena.

    Who I'll root for: Rock
    Who should win: Cena - I don't think the WWE has had a harder worker than Cena in all the time they’ve been operating. Although I am not a Cena fan, he does deserve to bask in the victory over Rock at Wrestlemania. And when you compare Cena to Rock – ...
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