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Wombat Attack

  1. The WWE HOF, wrestlers #s 21-40 who should be inducted.

    A follow up to my original Top 20 wrestlers who should be in the Hall of Fame I posted a few days ago, I present here the second top 20 (#s 40-21). Special considerations were made to The Rock N' Roll Express, Killer Khan, Psycho Sid, Sean Waltman, John Tolos & John Barend. There is a long storied history in pro-wrestling and the WWE with many more names to consider. If I made a list including ...

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  2. Top 20 Wrestlers deserving of HOF induction

    The WWE likes to make the Hall of Fame and it's induction night a large part of the Wrestlemania festivities. While I don't begrudge them this, in actuality I like the whole concept, the fact remains that the WWE Hall of Fame has a long way to go to be considered legitimate - which is something I'd like to see them strive to be. With this in mind I present here the 20 biggest names the WWE must ...

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