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  1. Wombat Attack's Avatar
    Thanks Rob. And I'm in complete agreement, bigger doesn't mean better as far as quality goes. I even made the same point. It's the box office numbers that will suffer I believe.
  2. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Very good points, Wombat. I think it can be summarized as follows. The WWE is an entertainment company, not a wrestling company. They care about profits, mainstream media attention, the value of their stock, social media, movies, non-wrestling TV shows, their new network, etc. The larger they make the company, the better the profits, and the more mainstream media attention they get. However, bigger does not mean better. Quite the opposite, really. The mainstream media loves John Cena in a way they could never love Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. It's his physical look and entertaining charm, not his wrestling ability, that sells with non-wrestling fans. Since there are not enough wrestling fans in the world to make the company grow beyond a certain point, we are no longer the demographic Vince is after. He's after entertainment fans. So the wrestling product will continue to deteriorate, while the entertainment product gets bigger and bigger. Wrestling purists (the IWC) hate this. But that's the way it is, and it will never change back. Ever. Learn to like it, and you can still enjoy WWE to a degree. However, if you want professional wrestling to be the way it used to be, don't watch WWE. You'll just continue to be disappointed.
  3. Speezy88's Avatar
    I loved your first blog about this subject, but I’m even more impressed with your continuation of this in this blog. To your point that you referenced about Ken Anderson, I felt the same way about Bobby Roode in TNA. To me, when he was teamed with James Storm to make Beer Money INC., and then to break out from that and become the great heel he is now; it was perfect. Here’s a guy who had a glimmer of something, but needed to groom it to become a big deal, and when the time was right, he struck and hit it hard becoming the self-proclaimed “IT” factor.
    Too bad the ‘E don’t do something like that. To me, it almost seems like going into the tag-team division in WWE is some sort of punishment or just way of saying “hey we/ people like you guys, but we don’t have any main event big title pictures for you so we‘re gonna put you and this guy together as a tag-team. You two can work out the details,” sans Kofi/R-Truth, Kofi/Evan Bourne, Miz & Morrison, McIntyre & Rhodes, Santino and Kozlov.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    I thought your last blog was gr8..but this is gr8er than that...

    I agree with every single word in it....when Randy orton lost his IC championship I thought he'll continue to feud for it or go for tag titles..when Batista won WHC I felt arghhh why he has not won IC/US championship...

    Tag teams will allow wrestlers to understand their strengths n weaknesses n also it will allow them to have chemistry with fellow will teach them match psychology as well...
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    One of the best blogs I've read in ages. Superb.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Great Blog perhaps the BEST on this forum. I liked your point of preventing ppl from power hogging...but, even after Nash/Hall moved out we got great tag teams in NAO, Hardyz, E&C, Dudleyz to name so....
  7. jonod's Avatar
    Good historical knowledge! The E is rebuilding the tag division though, Prime Time Players have been introduced (to Raw) very effectively and it feels like there's a lot bubbling under for a heavy division soon. I think it would have worked out better sooner had air boom not derailed so soon... but what can you do. As a side note the focus on managers/associates in the corner has really been pushed over the last few months!
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