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  1. How to Produce and Direct an episode of RAW

    I have zero experience producing, directing or promoting a product that consists of a professional wrestling TV program. That said - I have to seriously question whether or not anyone working for the WWE who does produce & direct these RAW shows has anymore experience than I do.

    I will admit that I only watched the first 10 mins. of RAW and the last 15 mins... So I can't speak ...
  2. Top 20 Wrestlers deserving of HOF induction

    The WWE likes to make the Hall of Fame and it's induction night a large part of the Wrestlemania festivities. While I don't begrudge them this, in actuality I like the whole concept, the fact remains that the WWE Hall of Fame has a long way to go to be considered legitimate - which is something I'd like to see them strive to be. With this in mind I present here the 20 biggest names the WWE must ...

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  3. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #15-11

    For the previous entry in this series, wrestlers 20-16, check out my member profile links.

    15. Ravishing Rick Rude
    Closest he ever came: SummerSlam, August '90

    Unlike many other of the names on this list, in relation to the waxing and waning of Hogan's runs with the belt, Rude's timing couldn't have been better. After making his debut with the company shortly after ...

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  4. Cena vs Rock and my All-Time Fantasy Card

    WWE has been billing the main event for Wrestlemania for a "dream" match of Rock vs. Cena.

    Who I'll root for: Rock
    Who should win: Cena - I don't think the WWE has had a harder worker than Cena in all the time they’ve been operating. Although I am not a Cena fan, he does deserve to bask in the victory over Rock at Wrestlemania. And when you compare Cena to Rock – ...
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