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  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I really enjyed this blog. I'd probs place Jackson in your new NOD stable if I was you.
    I'm BIG on managers; so bringing them back is a brilliant idea in my opinion. I'd like to see Regal get a main event push before he retires, simular to what they've done with Mark Henry.
    I also don't agree with Kane ending the streak or anyone for that matter. I'd quite like to se WWE tie up all the loose ends on old storylines too, like "who was stalking Booker-T in 2002?", "Who destoryed the titontron and crushed Vince?", "When will Undertaker get his revenge on Wade Barrett for Burie Alive?"
  2. kidcontra's Avatar
    We badly need great managers again, I mean just look at the heat Vickie draws. That kind of heat could help some of the lower talent out greatly.
  3. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I really agree on the fact that we really need some great managers that really gets the talent over, some really interesting people just like years ago, I do think that vickie is doing a great job and Rosa really fits well with Epico and Primo. I know that both william regal and booker t are commentators but I'd love to see them in a manager role especially william regal. Yeah we really need some interesting gimmicks again now a days it just feels like superstar number 1 and superstar number 2. I don't agree on kane ending the streak I don't agree on anyone ending it!
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Stone Cold's real name was Steve Williams, but nice blog anyway
  5. kiltbill's Avatar
    1. Bobby Roode main eventing Bound For Glory
    100% agree that that is great. The problem is, given TNA's insistance that the only good ending is one with a twist, a great match will end with whomever is champ being made to look weak.

    2. [B]Crimson and Gunner [/B
    Neither have had the time to really sell themselves as prominent forces. Hell, Gunner got his arse handed to him by Sting in a warehouse. A good one on one feud with one of their more experienced names would help. An RVD v Crimson, and Gunner v Abyss, etc, might help. At the moment, they are a definate 'work in prgoress'.
    3. AJ VS Christopher Daniels at Bound For Glory
    Fine, as long as they don't continue to flip flop between 'best friend forever' and 'bitter enemies' for the rst of the year.
    4. Sting VS Hulk Hogan.
    No. No. For the love of god, no. This is why Gunner, Morgan, etc are not in the main event? So WCW marks can get get as stiff as those two's ring work?

    All in all, there are signs of improvement; in the same way that the commatosed car wresck victom is showing brain activity. There is still aloot of work to be done to get them back in the driving seat.
  6. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I agree with most of what you said too. I don't think Hogan should be in the ring anymore and the same goes for Flair, but they have a very talented roster and I've been greatly entertained with them. Their Knockout's division makes me the happiest because as a woman and fan of women's wrestling I love that I have an alternative to the boring Diva's division and their so called champion. They do have a long way to go, but they're getting there.

    PS: Anyone who blasts you for giving your opinion on what you like is an unbiased WWE mark and should be ignored :P
  7. Marx's Avatar
    I agree with you mostly, it's good to see Bobby Roode getting a shot and AJ going again. X-division is doing well.

    But I am not that impressed by Crimson and Gunner though, if they are the new Goldberg and HHH then wrestling is in dire straits. Also: TNA needs to cut their roster. They don't have/take enough time to show their characters, so cut. Where were Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Devon, Pope, etc? Personally I can do without them all, but don't build something with them and then let it slide into nothingness..

    Brian Kendrick lost the title to Aries, via a semi-cheated win. Aries next week defends against Sorensen, no Kendrick to be seen. And what happened to Shelley?

    TNA still tries to do too much: they want a tag division, x-division, broad main event picture, women's division and non-title related feuds (RVD vs Lynn, Joe vs rest, etc)

    Hmm.. Didn't plan on going on a rant and the reason it annoys me this much is because I really like the product and wrestlers. TNA seems to be going the right way, I agree, but there still are a lot of loose ends.
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