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  1. Breathing life into the WWE

    Hi Guys and Gals, second blog here and a few things on my mind that may breath new life into WWE,

    Now im not about to bash the product and talk about PG Era and Attitude Era and the such, forget eras, have a product, a produc thats a mish mash of all eras,

    Now I dont have sky sports so I dont watch Raw or Smackdown only Superstars, so some may think I dont have a right to ...
  2. TNA Making moves in the right direction

    Well this is my first blog, and the first time in a long long long time Ive wrote anything online that didnt involve twitter or facebook so here goes...............

    I've been into wrestling now for like 25 years, Ive seen wrestlers come and go, some outstaying there welcome and Ill touch upon that later on.

    I was a WWF Mark back in the 80's early 90's then late 90's became ...

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