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  1. akbar's Avatar
    10. abyss
    9. chris sabin
    8. james storm
    7. petey williams ( crazy ass finisher)
    6. Robert Roode
    5. Sting
    4. Chris Angel
    3. Jeff jarett (might be unpopular, but he is a multiple champion and dominant heel)
    2. Samoa Joe
    1. AJ styles
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    guys why so angry opinion plays a huge part in wrestling...I do think now I may have mad a mistake not having joe in top ten but dude really...chirs harris...doug williams....jay lethal no way and his name is booby Rhode on the current show I put the s there by accident and its my list mite not be yours but
  3. Halfbaht's Avatar
    i dont agree with a lot of your list. first of all, im with sahu here, where the fuck is joe? are you fucking serious? a honourable mention? for fucks sake guy! and calling jeff jarret a fucking mega star? wtf man, come on, are you fucking serious?!? christopher daniels has more right to be on that list than bully ray. who the fuck is bobby rhodes? i assume you mean robert roode. the only thing i can agree with you on is that AJ is the number one spot.

    my top 10

    10.Jay Lethal
    9.Chris Sabin
    8.Doug Williams
    7.James Storm
    6.Chris Harris
    5.Robert Roode
    3.Christopher Daniels
    2.Samoa Joe
    1.AJ Styles

    For me these are the best 10 wrestlers to have come out of TNA
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I really don't agree with having Lynn on here but that's my opinion.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    NO Joe in the Mega stars..??

    Joe is morethan an honourable Mention!!!

    He's the part of the TNA's THE BEST EVER MATCH!!!

    n Instant Classic Christian Cage gave teh TNA's best ever promo/segment when he showed his back to Rhino and asked him to HIT him with the chair.....that was PURE GOLD!!!
  6. lewism173's Avatar
    @wrestlingfan66513 Morgan yeah Maybe I forgot him, Angle again I feel if he's going to the Olympics I think Pope and other should be pushed much more
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I agree. It was what I was trying to say in: "If I Were To Run TNA Wrestling"
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