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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Good feuds...I want to see kenny King vs Kaz or Daniels...that will elevate Kenny to good heights...

    then, Kenny vs Sonjay Dutt as well...

    I also want, Chavo Vs Daniels/Styles/Angle/Joe/Kaz/ least in a one of match....
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    Didnt Bully Ray almost comeclose to win the BFG Series last year with Roode aswell?
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    Alot of decent choices. I would really like to see RVD vs Zema, if RVD really puts himself into the match. Good blog!
  4. Halfbaht's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lewism173
    I'll be honest I forgot Joe but the list makes sense if you think about it
    it really doesnt if you bother to think about it, which you obviously didn't, since there is no joe in your list
  5. Halfbaht's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lewism173
    guys why so angry opinion plays a huge part in wrestling...I do think now I may have mad a mistake not having joe in top ten but dude really...chirs harris...doug williams....jay lethal no way and his name is booby Rhode on the current show I put the s there by accident and its my list mite not be yours but
    no, he is currently going buy bobby ROODE, his name. also, you said opinions welcome, dont cry when someone doesnt agree with yours. for your information, chris harris, doug williams and jay lethal are much better wrestlers than say oh i don't know abyss, jerry lynn and bully ray, who some how made your top ten. my list is based on wrestling ability and talent that hasnt come to tna from another major company ie. WWE and WCW
  6. lewism173's Avatar
    I'll be honest I forgot Joe but the list makes sense if you think about it
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Dang...not alot of love for lewism173 lol. Interesting list. Of course, as everyone else I don't agree. The only changes I'd make, is take out Jerry Lynn and Bully Ray. Not saying Jerry Lynn didn't help TNA, but I think a lot of others did more for it than he did. And bully ray, while become a big singles star, to me, will always have his career known for Team 3d, The Dudley Boyz. All of his work before he split from Devon. I would have put Joe and Daniels up in your list instead of those two.
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