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  1. Feuds I would like to see in TNA

    I was thinking to myself today wouldn't it be cool to see this feud or that feud in TNA. I though of a whole load of feud I would like to see. So I am going to list then for you today on this blog. Tell me which ones you like and some you would like to see.

    Tag teams

    ​ OK so let's do this in divisions where better to start than the Tag Team division. I only thought of one ...
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  2. Top ten TNA wrestlers ever

    Every one makes these for WWE but I haven't seen any TNA one so here are the candidates....

    Tag teams

    Beer money, MCMG and 3D....why well they all have been the biggest tag teams in TNA except from maybe LAX or 3 live crew but whats the difference..the first three teams have had successful single carers (maybe not devon) and where as I think x Division success is not the limit for ...
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  3. Change in Impact Wrestling, Fires, Hires, and PPVs

    Using the money right
    They have to use there money and use it right, They should get sponsor’s in I wouldn’t mind if they had some advert’s with there star’s in them. They can go back to having some logo’s in the ring of there sponsor’s, also start using the backstage interview again and have the background have more logo’s
    Who to fire and hire
    Christopher ...

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  4. BFG predictions thoughts and hopes

    Ok well I,m away and have no internet connection so I can't post this on Saturday like I,m doing for all tna and wwe ppvs now but today will do. So This is my first of a series of blogs as I said I will post for both TNA and WWE. I will put Each match highlighted in bold then say my thoughts hopes and predictions,ok so lets start
    Knockouts championship match winter vs mickie james vs madison ...
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