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  1. straightedge916's Avatar
    The streak cant end. I would be pretty pissed off at WWE if it did. Just Sayin. It's legendary, nobody will EVER get that far. Just to break it like that would be ridiculous, and would destroy Takers career.
  2. GG_DUCE's Avatar
    I remember that stupid mask 'Taker wore after Mable mashed the side of his face in.

    I also noticed right away when Kane started using that smothering move that his "brother" used to do too.

    I agree, though. I think a 'mania match between the two where they both cancel each other out and "die" would be a fitting end for both of them.
  3. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    as much as i want taker to go 20-0,i just think vince,or maybe even taker himself will want to "pass the torch" to one of the younger guys.i think if he has a match with one of the vets,like jericho,kane,big show he will go 20-0,but if it`s a younger star like sheamus,barrett or someone then he will lose.i really think wrestling needs someone to hold a record like that,for the good of the buisness.i just have a bad feeling i will not see taker get the record he deserves.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    agreed they should do something i believe taker once said if anybody has to end the streak he would have it to be kane but a draw after the 20-0 is still ok and nice it still means taker never lost at mania
  5. Sage's Avatar
    i think the division was best when it wasnt always in the spotlight as much
  6. jethro's Avatar
    The divas will never put a good wrestling match
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    We have many of these blogs every week, but you have brought something different than the others. The one about shrieking in matches was bugging me for a while.
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