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  1. The Similarity between the New Kane & Old Undertaker

    Currently, WWE has a photo gallery up comparing Kane's new look to Undertaker's older look when he used to wear a mask. I'm a bit ashamed to have never noticed the similarity until now...

    Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.55.18 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.55.56 PM.jpg

    Also, this...
    Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.57.08 PM.jpg

    Before I thought they were giving Kane the more menacing serial killer ...
  2. The 7 Quick Steps on How to Bring Back a Legitimate Divas Division

    This is my first blog, although I've been a member for years. Tell me what you think...7 Steps to bringing back a legitimate divas division

    1. Gimmick
    When the division was ruled by the likes of Sable and Sunny (often considered when the females became the 'divas'), they garnered attention because of their personality. Sable's seductive hellcat gimmick made her a household name ...

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