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  1. My Letter To WWE

    Dear WWE,

    I wrote a letter to your rival but that doesn't mean your out the woods with me. Look at that statement, look at it long and hard. It was said by one of your employees. Who was employed at the company during the time! The irony. I have a bone to pick with you and I had it a long time. Look at your top superstars. Randy Orton and John Cena. CM Punk really dont count in this ...
  2. Educating Your Audience (My letter to TNA)

    Dear TNA,

    I have faith in you. I may not watch you like I use to but still, your property of one of favorite pure wrestler in America today: AJ Styles. But we have a problem. Its about your audience, I undertsand that the ratings are down and this that and the third. But we have a BIGGER problem. Educate your audience. What I mean on that is not the ones in Orlando. I mean if Total

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