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  1. The Greatest RAW Ever: Jan. 4, 1999

    Hey guys, Im back. I know its been a minute since I posted something but Im currently in Art School in Charleston, South Carolina as a graphic design major and the life of a "visual artist" never sleep! Bu let me get straight to this blog.

    Growing up as a kid, I always teased. I was never the popular person in high school or what not, I pretty much was a loner during my time. ...

    Updated 11-26-2011 at 09:59 PM by Frank

  2. TNA: Educaing Your Audience

    Dear TNA,

    I have faith in you. I may not watch you like I use to but still, your property of one of favorite pure wrestler in America today: AJ Styles. But we have a problem. Its about your audience, I undertsand that the ratings are down and this that and the third. But we have a BIGGER problem. Educate your audience. What I mean on that is not the ones in Orlando.

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