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  1. Joplin: 1 Year Later and Wrestling.

    I don't know when this will get posted, but it is time for me to reflect on the year gone by. 1 year ago, my hometown and my home personally was blown away. I will never forget what happened that day. I'll admit, compared to a lot, I a lucky person. I didn't lose anyone in my family. I didn't lose a single friend. So many others did.

    I don't have many possessions left from before the ...
  2. WWE and TNA: An Overview: 3rd Edition, Part 1

    So it is the end of the year and that has got me, and everyone else thinking...What was the best and worst of the year. I mean, take a look at some of the blogs and some of the stuff in the forums. That alone tells you what people think. Well, it is now time for me to add to that.

    I am just going to go over the RAWs and the whopping 1 PPV I've seen this year and TNA Impact.
  3. The Slammy's and Tribute to the Troops and more

    The Slammy's

    What a joke. None of the matches were all that great except the Fatal 4 Way between, Ziggler, Bryant, Ryder and Rhodes. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It was really good. But honestly the biggest joke of all wasn't who got the Awards or the matches. It was the lack of crowd reaction to some of the legends who made their opinions.

    Seriously, the crowd should ...
  4. WWE and TNA: An Overview: Issue 2

    Alright, time for another overview. Today I'm gonna follow everyone and talk about Piper's Pit, James Storm, Bobby Roode and follow up on the Divas Overview I did a while back.

    Piper's Pit 11/28/2011

    Boy is this gonna be a memorable one. Because the Pits have been pretty bad since Shawn Michael's used Sweet Chin Music on him back during the Hogan Feud for Summerslam. ...
  5. WWE and TNA: An Overview: Part 1

    Wrestling Matters:

    So, the WWE is just the WWE. It isn't World Wrestling Entertainment. It hasn't been the World Wrestling Federation since 2002. Funny world huh. We go from wrestling, to just entertainment. Than as Knox so kindly demonstrated in his blog, TNA did Wrestling Matters in response to this. Well, I don't know about you, but I get the feeling that has been scrapped as quickly ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. TNA: An Overview (Pt. 2)

    To continue where I left off on TNA the last time.

    Here in the last few shows it seems the tag division has kind of hit a stale section. You don't see much in the way of feuding between many different tag teams like you used too. Motor City Machine Guns have been absent. The only two I have seen have been Ink Inc. and Mexican America. And of course M.A. got the belts from Beer Money. ...
  7. TNA: An Overview (Pt. 1) *Spoiler Information Used*

    As promised in my WWE: An Overview blog, here is the TNA side of things.

    I'll also repeat some of the title information, that I am using spoiler information.

    I'll start with the whole Hogan thing.

    I've never liked Hogan's character. He is an abysmal heel and even worse as a face. (I am biased as I never liked him in the WWF..WCW..WWE.) I do like his character ...
  8. WWE: An Overview

    The last month has been a very interesting month. TNA has run a decent storyline, and has run clean endings to a PPV (For once.) The WWE is actually making people guess. So here we go.


    I like the Laurinaitis spin the WWE has. Yes, saw it coming. I just doubt though, that anyone could have gotten more heat than him at this time. His delivery is monotone. He lacks any ...
  9. WWE and TNA: Not All Is Bad.

    A lot of the blogs lately have been talking about what is being done wrong in the WWE or TNA. How many talk about what is being done right. I haven't seen all that many that aren't in "Top 5" lists. (Which are getting annoying now.) So here is my take on what is going right in the two promotions I watch.

    Character Development: This is one area that actually doesn't get touched ...
  10. My Kansas City RAW Overview From The Seats.

    Driving back from Kansas City, MO last night gave me time to reflect on the show I had just witnessed. It was, by my estimation, a really good show. I was seated 3 rows back and diagonal from Michael Cole. So I could hear most of the announcing...once I moved to behind the announce table. HeHe.

    The open was pretty good. HHH "asserts" his "authority" by fining Mark ...

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