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  1. WWE & TNA presents: One Night Only BATTLE OF THE BRANDS

    Okay so I was checking the site this morning and I sometimes read the blogs that people post up. I saw a post earlier this morning which was like a two sentence blurb, and some matchups of WWE vs TNA guys…and that was it! No explanations of why he chose whom versus whom, no setup for this, NOTHING!!! So I just thought this is so horrible that someone should do something about it. So I decided that ...

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  2. 10 Ideas the WWE should Consider

    Okay so the other day I read a blog post written by Callum entitled, “WWE: Future Champions” (Link Here). This article highlighted some WWE stars that the author felt should be future WWE champions and he outlines some good reasons as to why he picked the people he chose. In reading this blog, I found myself agreeing with some of his points as to some future WWE talent that should get some shine as ...
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  3. Match Concepts of Yesteryears

    First I just want to say that this is my very first blog of any kind, so please forgive me if I don’t follow some proper blog writing procedures. I wrote this because of a conversation that my friend and I were having and we were talking about wrestling matches that we liked their concepts, but we don’t really see these matches anymore. We came up with a few so I wanted to talk about them and ...

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