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  1. Who can Replace the Main Eventer of WWE

    Well as we all know, SuperCena and SuperOrton wont always last forever. Hell 3-4 years from now they might be both eyeing retirement as main eventing every PPV and Brand Show their on would most likely destroy their body.
    So WWE, who do youu have planned to build over the next year or two to replace their huge main event positions?
    Here are 3 applicants thati beleive would work. (P.S. ...

    Updated 08-16-2011 at 10:44 AM by Frank

  2. Cm Punk + Nexus = Not just coincidence?

    Well for a while now ive been thinking about why CM Punk would join Nexus and/or why Nexus would let him, and it got me thinking, but there have been a few things that i beleive could show that CM Punk wasent just randomly added too the Nexus.
    Here are some weird thing they had/have in common.
    1. Nexus debuted through a match between CM Punk vs John Cena?

    2. It was after ...
  3. Finishers: More than Just a Move

    Finishers, every superstar has them. Its generaly every superstars best selling move, as it is called a finisher to end a match. While every superstar has a finisher, its quite obvious how they can impact on a superstars career. Also they have a big impact on the matches they're used in as if its done right and correctly it can be very entertaining. Such an example is the Stone Cold Stunner. Not only ...

    Updated 11-23-2010 at 12:21 PM by Frank

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