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  1. What's next for the World Heavyweight Champion?

    We just witnessed Daniel Bryan successfully defending his Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase, so what is next?

    1. What happened at TLC?
    Okay Mark Henry has waited a long 15 years to win a World Champion and he did exact that at Night of Champions against Randy Orton (winning clean) and has been dominant since, but then after a long feud Big Show defeated him thus winning the ...

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  2. Ways that Impact Wrestling could use Samoa Joe

    Hey guys, I have totally ran out of blogs so I'll be writing about Samoa Joe and ways that he can be used.

    1. Career so far
    I'm just talking about his honours in TNA. He started TNA with a undefeated streak so I knew he had potential to be World Champion. He has won the World Heavyweight Champion at Lockdown 2008 and held the title for 6-7 months which was a decent run as champion ...
  3. Ways to improve the Tag Team division

    Whats up guys, I haven't seen a blog about the tag team in ages so why not do a blog!

    1. History
    Remember the good old days, we had epic tag teams such as Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Legion of Doom, Rock n Sock connection etc, those were the real days. Unfortunately I had to catch up on Youtube as I wasn't watching wrestling at that time!

    2. Current Tag Team division ...
  4. WWE superstars that deserve the Intercontinental/US Champion title shot

    Hey guys, I'll be talking about the superstars that deserve a Intercontinental or United States Champion shot so I hope you enjoy!

    The reason why I didn't do the World Champion is because most of the time, future talents always win a mid-card title before the big push

    Alex Riley - This guy is absolutely amazing. Decent in-ring abilities, mic skills are ok, he has good ...
  5. Is Daniel Bryan going to win a World Champion?

    Hey guys, this my 3rd blog so I hope you enjoy!
    I'll be writing about Daniel Bryan and if he will get a reign as a World Champion

    1. Money in the Bank winner
    As most people know, Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase. That briefcase is important for a reason, the reason is that you can cash it in at any time before Wrestlemania against the World Heavyweight ...

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  6. WWE dropping the ball on Drew McIntyre

    Hey guys this is my 2nd blog and I'll be writing about WWE dropping the ball on Drew McIntyre and I hope you enjoy while reading!!!

    1. Chosen One?
    When Drew got introduced as the 'Chosen One' by Vince McMahon he had a fantastic career in store for him, he was 100% hyped up. He beat John Morrison to win the Intercontinental Champion, which was a great feud in my opinion and he ...
  7. Futures of WWE

    Hey guys, this is my first blog on EWN and I apologize for any spelling mistakes

    I'm going to be writing about the futures of WWE so I hope you enjoy!!!

    Daniel Bryan
    This guy currently holds the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and WWE should NOT mess this up. He needs working on his mic skills which he probably is practicing at the moment, FANTASTIC in ...

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