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  1. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    Right, I read the blog. That's still dumb in my opinion. Unless you're gonna turn him face right after 'Mania...which would be dumb. I dunno, maybe they turn Mark Henry face or something.
  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    @TheWonderKid - Are you smoking the wrong Marijuana? Read properly next time I clearly wrote 'I think we'll see a Big Show heel turn as well to start the feud with Shaquille O'Neal'. So it's to start the feud with Shaq!
  3. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    Why on earth would they turn Big Show heel? You really think they need ANOTHER heel turn by a top contender?
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    @Corwo - Thanks for that mate
    @Kaisered - Don't NXT keep scrambling the tag teams each time?
    @MRBoss - That's what I thought as well. With Hawkins and Reks dominating most of the match, the fans could think that they're bound to be a dominant tag team. l made Justin Gabriel introduce himself and Barreta to the fans as well.

    Thanks for the comments so far, keep em coming!!!
  5. MR Boss's Avatar
    I like the idea, but Shaz these guys are nobodys. Their not really over with the crowd, and I probably guess Reks and Hawkins are not going to sell much merch. So they will get scrapped back to NXT/Superstars, and I bet some of the kiddies will not know who they even are.

    WWE should let all them get more notice in Raw or Smackdown, if they were going to do a feud.
  6. Kaisered's Avatar
    I love the storyline but I have to say that a Barreta Gabriel tag seems distant to me. I watched NXT over the week and it seems that Barreta is going to be tagging with Tyson Kidd.
  7. Corwo's Avatar
    BRILLIANT blog!I love this storyline, I must say, if I want the tag division to make its comeback, I HOPE ITS this way!
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