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  1. Top WWE 10 Superstars who deserve a belt Part 1/2

    10. Tamina - Divas Champion
    This diva is really underated, she is really talented, looks like she's been in a feud with Natalya, another great diva. I can actually see her winning the belt, please WWE, give Tamina a massive push! She can wrestle unlike some! (Pointing at Kelly Kelly)

    9. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Champion
    I can see this happening , he's currently involved in a feud ...
  2. Top 5 Custom Tag Teams I would like to see in WWE

    I'll be writing about 5 Custom tag teams that I would like to see in the WWE! Hope you enjoy the read!

    5. Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu
    These two are great high flyers, which I always like to see. Yoshi is okay in the ring, but Tyson Kidd is excellent, and I think they are both underated. But the only problem is that Kidd is a heel while Tatsu is a face, so this is how I would ...

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  3. Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

    Hey guys, Shaz11 here, this blog is my WM 28 predictions so I hope you enjoy the read!

    1. Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger (US Champion) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre vs David Otunga vs TedDiBiase vs Hunico - Money in the Bank Ladder match
    There has been reports on the Money in the Bank match returning to Wrestlemania. I don't mind the match type being on Wrestlemania, ...

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  4. Top 5 WWE Superstars That Will Breakout in 2012

    What's up IWC, I'll be writing about which WWE superstars will breakout in 2012 and why!

    5. TedDiBiase
    I definately think that Biase will breakout in 2012. The best time will be after Wrestlemania 28, where he can have a new feud with Cody Rhodes, this time a proper build up. He needs to improve his mic skills and he needs to drop his awful gimmick. You know, when his father had the same ...

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  5. TNA Genesis Predictions!

    TNA Genesis Predictions!

    Hey guys, Shaz11 here, I'll be writing about my predictions for TNA Genisis!

    Gail Kim (c) vs Mickie James - TNA Knockouts Champion match
    After Bound for Glory, the Knockouts division has really been enjoyable to watch! I'm still abit pissed off how Gail Kim returned to TNA and defeated Velvet Sky to win the belt though! Well they ...

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  6. WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011 3/3

    Promo of the Year

    Cm Punk shoot on Vince McMahon

    The promo that shocked the WWE Universe by far! This promo was so unexpected, as Cm Punk proved he was the 'Voice of the Voiceless' by saying things like 'Vince is better off dead', so this is by far the best promo of the year!

    Funniest Moment of the Year

    Cm Punk's text message 'OMG, Kevin
  7. WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011 2/3

    Hey guys, this is Part 2/3 of the WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011!

    Please read Part 1 before reading this

    Newcomer of the Year:


    Crimson has made a massive impact during his time in IW, his mic skills are good but he really does need ...
  8. WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011 1/3

    2012 and coming at it is the end of the world as we know it! So I thought I will write my own WWE and Impact Wrestling awards for 2011!

    WTF?! Moment of the Year:

    Christian winning the World Heavyweight Champion and losing it 5 days later

    When Christian won his first major World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE, I was extremely shocked and chuffed! ...
  9. Storylines for Cm Punk leading into Wrestlemania

    What's going on IWC, here are 3 storylines for Punk leading into Wrestlemania so I hope you enjoy (I'll try and do other storylines as well, hopefully tommorow)

    Storyline 1:
    'Best in the World' Cm Punk (c) vs 'Best in the World' Chris Jericho - WWE Champion match

    Well, you got CM Punk who is currently the WWE Champion, so have him defend it against The Miz at ...
  10. Booking the TV Title, The Right Way

    Ever since Eric Young has held the TV title is has been an absolute JOKE! so I will be writing about the ways that it could be used right

    1. History
    Okay, its gone from the Legends Champion to the Global Champion to the TV Champion! Jheeze, how many name changes do you need to 1 title! Here are the TNA stars who have held it so far (in order):

    Booker T - He introduced ...

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