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    Ok Im seeing a pattern with top heel talent these days... The pattern they have a self life. In the WWe eyes the face should always win because its a kid show now....Back in the day ( 3 years ago xD) A heel could play his character and be a mainstay ala Randy Orton ala Edge and etc. It just seem you cant be heel for long xD
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    I hate tiffany from the depths of my heart. If it wasn't for her he would be a World Heavyweight Championship contender!!!
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    Here's the deal. They were booking Drew to be the top heel on Smackdown and he definitely was at one point. He went over on guys like John Morrison & R-Truth when they were extremely over faces.

    Then the politician Alberto Del Rio gets thrown to the main roster. He whines and complains saying he's leaving if he doesn't get a big initial push.

    Alberto Del Rio was the full replacement of Drew McCintyre which sucks.

    Its all demographics. Mexicans watch wrestling like the News & Soap Operas. The WWE is doing them a favor by giving them Alberto Del Rio as their World CHamp.
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    Drew McIntyre needs his own youtube show. The D! Drew Ayr, Scotland Story.

    He'll be US champ in 3 months.
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    There have been mixed feelings about Drew Mcintyre. Some love him, some hate him. But I don't think he was very over with the fans as some of the IWC made him out to be. He drew HUGE heat as The Chosen One, making Teddy's life hell, taking out Matt Hardy, and getting title shot after title shot. But fans didn't really click with his wrestling skills. Hes not an in-great worker. Hes good, but I've heard the crowd with "boring" chants for him before. Hes had good matches over the IC title, and had a great showing at this year's Elimination Chamber PPV, but hes not that over with the fans. So I don't think the WWE dropped the ball on him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Nature boy
    i thought it was a good bloG and i also wonder what has happened with Drew. His feud vs teddy long was so funny and he kayfabe Got rid of matt hardy, he will be pushed again soon
    i guess your G doesn't work...
    edit: oh wait, it worked on 'good'
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    What Happened with Drew was a few things.

    1. The fans didnt care about him.... I remember I always kinda liked Drew but the IWC hated his gutst, There was Blogs and post urging the WWE to fire him how he is useless. Now The IWC is going nuts about how he is the future of wrestling and how he needs to be champion.

    2. His Wife Tiffany in the Hotel arrest. That had Drew taking alot of punishment for that.

    3. Drew is apart of that new WWE way of handling talent. Push them too the moon and then Jobbed them out so badly that no one gives a crap about them and make them nothing more than squash matches for established guys. Then bring them back up.... WWE does this to humble their talent, See if they are in for the long haul and to see even if they are being jobbed out do the fans still react to them. Cause if you have the fans support while your being burried then they got to get behind you while your being pushed.

    Drew is a Talented guy. But I dont think putting him in a tag team with jobbers will do anything for him but push him down the ladder.. Drew needs to be built up, Change some things and tweak himself a bit.... Drew needs a tiny push now and slowly rise and he needs to win Money in the bank next year to really develop himself like the Miz did.
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